With a new health care pilot project in Austria, we build health centers to support the recovery from Covid=19-related conditions for children and adults. Further, we will offer medically supervised programs for drug, alcohol, and other addictions. Over time we aim to offer:

  • Long Covid specialized medical treatments
  • Non-medical recovery programs
  • Family support groups
  • Psychological support
  • Health and nutrition education
We face the Corona crisis challenges with a positive and supportive framework for children and adults.

Poverty in Africa

One out of four children is stunted from malnutrition, limiting physical and mental growth.
In Africa many children face hunger every day. Thus, malnutrition causes poor physical and mental development and this makes children more susceptible to diseases, leaving malnourished children even worse off than well-fed ones. This is why it is so important to provide sufficient food to all children, especially helping poor children to avoid malnourishment and to help malnourished children to get back to a normal level of health. We run projects in Africa which aim to give children the care and nutrition they need to grow up healthy. But malnutrition is not only caused by real hunger, but in many cases by lack of access to the the essential nutrition. We developed programs that positively affect nutritional balance, intensifying intervention and researching for the best ways to address cultural beliefs and other barriers that prevent malnutrition.

mama high ten
mama high ten

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